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the vegan garden food deliveryThe Vegan Garden is a family owned business based in the San Francisco Bay area. Our online vegan food delivery services promise you fresh and delicious readymade a la carte vegan meals, vegan meal plans, vegan weight loss plans, vegan gluten-free plans and vegan desserts, all delivered to your door! Our services are convenient, affordable, and of the best quality. Each vegan meal we serve is low fat, low calorie, cruelty- free, free from trans-fat and cholesterol and prepared mostly using locally and organically grown ingredients.

vegan garden food delivery

The Vegan Garden is a cruelty-free facility. We cater to people already living on a plant-based diet looking for convenience while refusing to compromise on great taste, people who are transitioning to a plant based diet but are not sure where to begin, or people who are looking to lose weight while keeping cruelty-free. We at The Vegan Garden believe you should not have to compromise wellness, budget, and morals when it comes to eating a high quality plant based diet.

The Vegan Garden meals delivery service has high hopes of taking the world of cruelty free meals by storm. At our online market, you can order breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, smoothies, and gluten free meals to your home while keeping it vegan at the same time. We are dedicated to providing our customers with delicious meals, convenience, and fast delivery. We offer the ultimate international vegan cuisine experience. We try to take you on a trip around the world with authentic vegan meals from the Middle East, Mexico, China, Japan, Thailand, Italy... Read More Visit us on Facebook Find us on Google+