How It works

Shop and Order

Our online registration process makes signing up a breeze. Choose among meal plans, weight loss plans, smoothies, meal deals or create your own a la carte order. It is that simple, just pick the plan that is right for you! We are always a call or email away and would love to help you in any way possible.You will be talking to live people who truly care about your needs and guarantee that you will enjoy your experience from start to finish.

Let Us Do The Cooking

We do all the work and the clean up. Our extensive menu gives you plenty of options to pick from. In some cases you do not even have to choose your meals, our chefs will create delicious entrees for you with confidence and flash freeze it. You will love each bite! You just sign up and wait for delivery. It is like having your own personal chef everyday!


WE DELIVER your meals ANYWHERE IN THE CONTINENTAL US VIA FEDEX Home Delivery. Your food will arrive cool. Please freeze your items upon arrival.

Eat And Enjoy

The best part is enjoying gourmet dishes without having to worry about weighing, counting calories, attending meetings or cleaning up! It’s fresh, healthy, delicious, guilt-free cuisine at its best. Simply enjoy the food and the experience and watch your body and health transform.

Why Choose Us

  • Health and Environmentally conscious

  • Fast delivery and cost effective!

  • It’s delicious and convenient!


Plant Based, Vegan Food Delivery by The Vegan Garden Healthy, Delicious & Convenient