Get Slim Meal Medley


14 metabolism kick-starting breakfasts, and 14 delicious satisfying entrees all hand-picked and chef prepared for one goal: to lose weight the healthy way! Take the guess work out of weight loss with our get slim meal medley. This is a great way to sample what The Vegan Garden has to offer- your pocket book and your waist line will thank you! You can use the entrees as a convenient, healthy lunch at work, or as a quick dinner at home! When your friends and family start asking “what's your secret?”, make sure you send them our way!

Does not include guest chefs meals. Each chef inspired meals denoted with picture of a chef.

If you’d like to customize your order with specific meals, please email us and note there will be a $20 up-charge.

14 breakfasts and 14 entrees. What’s a better way than to start your day and jump start your metabolism with a healthy, wholesome breakfast? These meals are perfectly portioned out to make it easy for you to eat healthy and lose weight while doing so! You can use the entrees as a quick dinner, or as a convenient lunch at work- no hassle, delicious, and good for you! This meal plan makes it easy for you to stay healthy during the holiday season.
Take the guess work out of weight loss, we’ve made is easy, tasty, and healthy for you.