Skinny Feast Protein Pack


This deal includes an assortment of 12 of our protein infused smoothies and 12 of our amazing higher protein entrees. Start your day with one of the on-the-go protein smoothies, enjoy an entree from lunch, and entree for dinner, and end your day with a smoothie!

This 6 day meal plan is a great way to jump start your metabolism and look amazing for bathing suit season! You are good to go! *maximum one order at checkout, additional shipping fee will be charged otherwise.

What the 6 days look like:

Am: Smoothie

Lunch: Entree

Dinner: Entree

Nighttime snack: Smoothie (will actually help you burn fat as you sleep!)

Does not include guest chefs meals. Each chef inspired meals denoted with picture of a chef.

If you’d like to customize your order with specific meals, please email us and note there will be a $20 up-charge.