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About Your Order

The Vegan Garden is a meal plan service. As such, all orders are considered standing unless specifically requested via email to at the time the order is placed. The items under meal packages are a one-time order. The Vegan Garden ships on Monday each week. You will receive a tracking number by e-mail by 6pm Pacific Time Wednesday. If you do not receive the e-mail, do not hesitate to contact us and we will get the information to you! If you place an order on Friday after 5pm Pacific Time, your order will be sent out the following week.

Cancellations / Refunds

We guarantee the quality of our products and their delivery in good condition. Because we produce a perishable product, we CANNOT accept returned food items. We will promptly issue a credit for any food item or meal that was damaged, spoiled, or impaired as a direct result of shipping or delivery after a picture of the damage is sent to us. If you have a contract with us and you wish to cancel before your end of contract date, you are responsible for half of the remaining balance owed to The Vegan Garden. As the consumer, it is your responsibility to notify The Vegan Garden two weeks prior to your card charge date if you want to discontinue the service.


Important Shipping Notice

We use FedEx Home delivery system which delivers to your home address Tuesdays through Saturdays.? Using a business address or a P.O. Box risks a delay of many days. We do not guarantee the quality of orders shipped to business addresses, nor to P.O. Boxes, therefore we will not refund or issue credits for such orders.



Our meals are shipped using FedEx; they are packed in a sturdy box with recycled foam and dry ice in order to insure you enjoy a safe and a delicious meal. The cost of a package can be as high as $65.00. However we have chosen to charge you only $19.00 in California and $29.00 for the rest of the US and absorb the difference ourselves.


Stop, Change or Hold

You may stop your order temporarily or permanently, make changes to your meal plan, or re-start your order by contacting The Vegan Garden. The deadline to stop or change your order is FRIDAY 5pm Pacific Time.


GLUTEN FREE AND ALLERGIES ?? ?Gluten Sugar Free Vegan Food

Our food is prepared in a gluten free environment; however our facility processes other foods which contain gluten. We thoroughly clean our lines and utensils before cooking any gluten free items but we cannot guarantee that there would be no trace of gluten left. Therefore, we do not recommend our products to consumers with extreme gluten allergies or to celiac patients.

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